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Help with Buying Your Subsequent Practice
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You already own a practice/business and want to buy another to expand. Being an experienced owner you already know what you would like your next practice to look like.

BHH can offer an acquisitions overview to save you time. You provide sales particulars of a practice and we can work through a basic acquisitions template to provide feedback on potential of the practice, economies of scale, competition, CQC most recent inspection overview or more specific to meet your requirement.

You already will have the knowledge of having been through a practice purchase and understand the requirements of the process, the importance of registering with agents, having specialist accountants and lawyers and a good relationship with your bank.

Having been in banking we know that the Bank’s credit appetite changes so whilst you may enjoy your current banking relationship they may not be so keen to develop it further and not support your next acquisition.

Do not despair the Healthcare sector as a whole has a great track record and whilst different bank’s change their policies there are always a number of bank’s open for business. BHH can help navigate through this on your behalf knowing exactly which bank’s are lending to which sector.

If you would like further help with your next practice acquisition please contact Laura for an initial conversation by completing the enquiry form if you are only available at certain times of the day or her mobile 07500 845184.

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