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Are you thinking of selling your practice?

If you are thinking of selling, there is usually something which is driving this decision. You’ve had enough of the ‘red tape’ of your profession, as well as all the ‘red tape’ imposed by the government; employment law, health and safety? Or you planned to sell?

Whatever your reason for selling, you want to achieve the best possible price you can and have the sale completed as smoothly as possible.

BHH can work with you and your timescales to improve the practice where it can be improved to ensure that when you are ready to sell it will command the best possible value, or can provide a report with pointers on what needs to be done to unlock it’s maximum value.

Commercial/corporate and property Due diligence is carried out by lawyers acting for each party in the transaction.
As the buyers lawyer acts in the interests of the buyers, and the sellers lawyers acts in the interests of the vendor they are sometimes at odds and the due diligence process is drawn out and protracts the sale of the business.

Please check our Vendor Due Diligence page if, as part of your sale, you wish to get your due diligence completed, this will ensure a smoother and quicker sale for all parties.

If you would like BHH to come and assess and overview your practice please call 07500 845 184 or use the enquiry form.

Get Help With Getting Your Practice Ready For Selling