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Help To Identify Practice Inefficiencies
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Have you ever wondered how your practice is compared to what it should or could be?

Business Help for Healthcare offer 4 types of Healthcheck on your practice.

  • Practice Management – We understand the key areas that an efficient well run, well led practice looks like. There are 20 points to our PM Healthcheck
  • Financial – Are your financial arrangements the most efficient they can be? There is a 10 point Financial Healthcheck
  • Compliance – How compliant are your services? We can check for all things non-clinical. There is a 15 point Compliance Healthcheck
  • Marketing – Do you have a website? Is it legal? What marketing strategies do you use? 10 point Marketing Healthcheck

Our Healthcheck operates a traffic light system and each report covers each area and will highlight by the RED traffic light, what areas need attention.

Prices start from £250 per Healthcheck but ALL include a FREE Marketing Healthcheck.

If asked, we can help devise an action plan to address any issues highlighted or put you in touch with people who can help.

Get Help With Your Practice Inefficiencies