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Most Healthcare professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Care Homes, Hospitals and Clinics must now have to be registered with CQC.

It is an offence for any individual, partnership or organisation to provide care in any of the disciplines without being registered with CQC

CQC is a minefield for many and we are here to take that hassle of going through registration off your hands. Please click here to get an idea of what a CQC Registration Process means.

CQC are regulators who oversee and ensure that health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care with a view to attaining improved level of care across all disciplines.

  • Registration is a time-consuming process when you still have your day job!
  • Ensuring you have a valid DBS with 6 months unexpired is the starting point
  • Ensuring you complete the correct form, submit it in the correct order and the vendor or partner does too
  • Being ready for CQC inspection or interview

Here at BHH we can take that headache away from you by liaising with you and understanding how you wish to run the practice. We can assist with the completion of the documents ready for your approval and submission.

We can follow up on your behalf and liaise with lawyers to ensure CQC registration occurs in a timely manner for completion if acquiring or selling a practice.

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