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Any person (individual, partnership or company) who provides regulated activity in England must be registered with CQC otherwise they commit an offence.

To be registered, an application must be made to CQC, providing details about themselves and the regulated activities they are applying for and where these services will be provided from (locations).

CQC assess the applicant and have to be satisfied about their fitness and compliance within the requirements of the relevant regulation and enactments. The term ‘fitness’ is set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Each healthcare sector has specific guidance for providers, and the link below has these specific details:


As a new provider you need to apply online, and the link below details the process:


In summary, there are 10 steps to this process, which at best will take you at least 8 hours and assumes you know you way around various documents and understand what CQC are looking for. On the CQC website it states writing the ‘Statement of Purpose’ will take at least 2-3 hours but can possibly take several days to prepare.

Before applying you need to ensure that your DBS has at least 6 months unexpired remaining, otherwise obtaining a new DBS is the first step as both you and your proposed registered manager will require these. Please note that we can assist and would be happy to help with this step if required.

CQC are not trying to make the process easy for you as you will have responsibility for people’s health and wellbeing, so they need to be satisfied that you are suitably prepared to meeting the relevant legislation.

Timing of all applications is crucial as they need to coincide with the vendor or partner to ensure CQC are in receipt of all the relevant paperwork in a timely manner.

See the table below for the steps to be taken and the hours of your time it can take:

Responsibility Task Time
You CQC Countersigned DBS number Up to 6 weeks
You Statement of Purpose 8 hours to Days…….
You (& partner if applicable) References on individual providers – both individuals if partnership Hours
You or 3rd party individual if you are a company Registered Manager Relying on a 3rd party unless continuing with existing registered manager
You Premises ready and fit for purpose Check with vendor or visit the premises to ensure this to be the case
You Regulated activities you intend to undertake Minutes – hours
You Use the correct application Minutes/hours
You Supporting documents

Have available to upload the following;

1.     Statement of Purpose

2.     Management Policy/procedures document

3.     Safeguarding policy and procedures document

4.     Planning permission document, if applicable

5.     Building regulation document, if applicable

6.     Registered manager supporting evidence

7.     Governance document

You Start the application

Details about you/organisation/partnership including financial details

Input all the above sections into the online portal



CQC Initial Validation – providing all information processed is correct it will be passed to Registration team Hours/Days
CQC & YOU Registration team will contact to see how well prepared and ready you are

Your availability or that your nominated individual/manager to attend interviews and facilitate site visit

Speed of response to any requests from registration inspector for further information to support the application

Days/Weeks – if well prepared and no delays it should take 10 weeks from date application validated by CQC to achieve a notice of decision to register (NoD) or notice of proposal to refuse (NoP)


We are offering to take this off your hands, with some cooperation from you and final overview before it is submitted. We will monitor and chase up the application with CQC and liaise with you at only the appropriate and necessary times.

Prices start at £750 for a straightforward acquisition or sale.

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