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We are a small team of ex-bankers and practice managers who bring their extensive experience and expertise within the healthcare sector to help you buy/sell or improve your practice.

Navigating a finance proposal can be a minefield so using our first hand experience to negotiate this successfully makes it easier to get to the right funder, without the stress and hassle and potential damage to your credit score.

What we can deliver for you:

  • Bespoke service, tailored to your personal requirements
  • Giving you back time to do what you do best by delegating tasks to BHH
  • Connecting you to the right people who can assist you further
Laura Graham

Laura Graham

Founder BHH

Laura has enjoyed 32 years in commercial banking and in the most recent 20 years supported all types of healthcare businesses; Doctors; medical and GPs, Dentists, Vets, Pharmacists, Opticians, Care Homes and Day Care Nurseries. During Laura’s career, she has dealt with various types and sizes of businesses within the healthcare sector.

Most recently Laura started the Healthcare commercial banking team at Metro Bank from scratch and after 4 years left an established market contender as a lender to the sectors. This was after a 26-year career with one of the key UK lenders of healthcare finance.

Laura has been working in and around the sectors and has established excellent relationships with specialist professionals within accountancy, legal and surveying firms.

As you are unique, a bespoke approach to each practice is required to identify it’s full potential. Laura’s aim is to help you unlock this potential. When seeking finance, approaching a bank in the right way is crucial to obtain the structure and type of funding best suited to your needs.

As practitioners you are amazing clinicians, but most have never had any formal business training about how to run a business, what to look for, what are your legal requirements and ensure that you are making money, as well as understanding what other responsibilities you have!

After visiting numerous great practices and some needing more of a helping hand, Laura can share her experiences of what works and what most certainly doesn’t and steer practitioners away from making those mistakes.

Whilst Laura is based in Hertfordshire, she works with practitioners across the UK.

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